Star Citizen Referral: How Does It Work?

While multiplayer online games are definitely nothing new, with a lot of these games being played not just by the hundred thousands, but by the millions throughout the world, not many of these games offer incentives and benefits to players who recruit others into their online gaming world. Having said that, through star citizen referral, they make themselves more effective in luring more and more people in their game with offering a win-win situation to both players and would-be players, apart from just benefitting from the game by being entertained. If you want to know how these benefits are reaped, then here are the steps below.

Share Referral Code Link

            First and foremost, keep in mind that your referral code is one which is unique. The first step in order for you to get the referral benefits that are promised by star citizen as a reward for making others know more about this game, then share this unique code with your friends, through whatever way possible. The means could include through your own blog or website, through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. This process would allow new players to be introduced to the game.

Recruits Get Benefits

            The moment these players begin signing up through the referral code that you have shared, they would recerive 5,000 United Earth Credits or UEC, which could be used for important game paraphernalia, like ship components, decorations, and weapons for your own hangar.

Recruiters Get Benefits, too

             Recruitment points are a whole different system and/or set of points. Recruitment Points (RP) would be given to players who were able to successfully fully recruit new ones, with these new recruits actually purchasing the game package with a value of $40 USD. One successfully recruited player is also equivalent to 1 Recruitment Point.